It was a decade of fun. It was a decade of laughter. It was a decade of trying to forget about WW1. It was a decade of fads. It was The Roaring Twenties

     Although this is a great website to really explore the fun times and the fads of the 1920s, this is the best video to let you get the real sense of what the decade of the "Roaring Twenties" was really about -- from fads to jazz to the people of the 20s. Enjoy this video.
     The fads of the "Roaring" Twenties. From clothes to entertainment, practically everything influenced their world.
     Life for some people in the 1920's: parties and dancing and music. And then came the invention of a motor car specially for women. From going  out to the sea to new fashions to bustling city life, life in the 1920's was full of excitement and thrills. Until the Wall Street crash swept that all away. But right then in the 20's people were all about enjoying themselves, and having a good time.
     Life was great for many, but there were also gangsters/mobsters, such as the ever-infamous Al Capone. Sports and entertainment also greatly influenced 20's life. Fashion, music, and flappers were ever important, and cars played a large part as well.
So what were the lives like of people back in the 1920's? What was popular? How did people dress, and what did they do in their spare time? From Flappers to Fashion to Dance Marathons to Flagpole Sitters, the 1920's in the U.S. for most people were all about having fun!

Lelina C. and Lora P.
Social Studies 8 - 9
Due: 1/22/10